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Rovenma Electronics Corp is an innovative technology company that adopts sustainable technological progress. With our experienced multidisciplinary team, we continuously monitor our responsibilities towards domestic and national technologies. We develop IT, software, electronics and defense technologies with our basic electronic design skills. We present this information blend to physical world via our innovative methods and mechanical design capabilities. Not only a smooth-running product but also its performance, quality, reliability, price and safety are our most important structural principles. Our most important responsibility is to provide all kind of support to our customers during the life-cycle of our product. Rovenma is one and only smart locker producer in Turkey and the main smart parcel locker provider for the Turkish Post (PTT) with 400 units sold since 2016. Rovenma stands out as an innovative company focused on all aspects of smart locker systems from industrial design to system installation services. As an RD and producer company, our team of 26 multidisciplinary engineers and 40 production workers are always doing their best to provide the most reliable smart parcel locker. All smart lockers are truly intelligent lockers that are equipped with more than 300 sensors to detect movement, parcels, heat, lock positions, electricity usage and part operations. More than 80 electronic controllers are in perpetual communication within a smart parcel locker making everything work flawlessly. These advanced features make the smart parcel lockers reliable and makes it possible to detect failures before they happen or before even the customer experiences a problem. Rovenma is mainly providing solutions to the logistics sector via Smart Parcel Lockers. They are able to deliver and accept parcels 24/7 in a safe and effective manner. Smart Parcel Lockers are designed to be operated indoor or outdoor and are linked to other parcel lockers and Rovenma servers via DSL, Fiber, 3G, 4 G and / or Wi-Fi. The modular design and various module types make it suitable for any location. It can even fit inside elevators and can be carried easily to upper floors. The parcel locker capacity and the dimensions can be re-engineered according to customer needs. The R&D team of Rovenma has the following capabilities: High Speed PCB Design Embedded Software Design FPGA/ASIC Digital Design Numerical Analysis PC Software Development Server Software Development Mobile Software Development Cloud Computing Industrial Design Mechanical Design Mechanical Analysis
ADADUS started its business life in Sakarya in 1988 as Keskin Aluminum Iron Joinery. In the year of establishment, he was engaged in aluminum works as heavy and light metal. In 1990, he became interested in "SHOWER CABIN" and shifted the light metal part of his production to this sector. In '92 he began to knit his dealer's net. The interior woodwork and ceramics dealer network in the industry with cabin shower collaboration between the fair and was introduced to all of Turkey in Sakarya and then with ads. In 1994, he founded marketing network and started to work in Black Sea - Marmara and Trakya regions and expanded his network. ADADUS, which is interested in the outer market due to the internal market narrowed by August 1999 earthquake, can be a brand in the world market. Today ADADUS has started to work with bathroom, shower cabin, bathroom cabinet, jacuzzi bathtub and bathroom accessories marketing network continues to serve. Our company, which became a 3 partner company on 07.01.2003, is pleased to offer fast-quality-safe service.
Pelican Shower Enclosure & Bath Systems Pelican is a new and modern brand with fifteen years of experience which has primary attributed entrepreneurial, creative, solution oriented, and customer satisfaction. Pelican Bath Systems introduces wide range portfolio which consists compact systems, hydromassage bathtubs, shower enclosures and bathroom cabinets within its field of activity. Brand expands its success of home market to overseas, provides novelty and excitement to industry. Our company makes a great amount of contributions to national economy within export to nine different countries on the world and also innovate and enhance its wetroom solutions with R&D investments. Pelican Bath Systems will continue to provide better solutions to customers as being pioneering of its sector with Pelican brand